About us

Our salon "Art Flowers" counts for 20 years. During these years, we have been able to fulfill many individual and corporate orders, and we have acquired a trustworthy, highly professional and operational partner.

In the Salon, the artists and biologists work jointly, which allows for multi-faceted and flexible work.

We do not only prepare bouquets and wreaths, but we can also plan and organize professionally weddings, corporate events, scenography, landscape and interior designs.

We work with foreign and Georgian materials: cuted flowers, dried, stabilized and artificial plants and always have a wide selection of room plants.

You will always find what you look for at our place and if you have a decision to make, our consultants will help you make choice. Your order will be executed in individualy and with the best quality material.

Over the years, our team had been consulting you by TV on garden and poted plants and still now we are happy to continue with our internet blog.